Christian Hubmann – CPU

The boss loves his gadgets. If something is electrically operated, he got to have it: Whether it is an eBook-reader or his e-bike. As a long-time observer of and specialist in the IT-industry (from Adobe Flash/AIR/Flex, cross media content and terminal solutions up to XML) he is always scouting new trends and precisely defines them before others have found a name for them. Or in other words: „You will see – this is going to be the next big thing!“

c.hubmann [at]

Mik Ruhland – Main Storage

Mik is an all-rounder with a slight disposition to control everything. He develops our concepts and everything is logic and explainable to him. If it is not, it does not exist. He has a good eye for details and monitors his projects 24/7. Rumor has it that he never sleeps. Mik is in the industry since 1994 and there is nothing unfamiliar to him, starting with screen-printing up to database publishing. Mik is outspoken and always helpful in giving open, forthright advice.

m.ruhland [at]

Andreas Bauer – Graphics Board

Pssst! This guy calmly hides behind two gigantic screens and meticulously arranges pixels and vectors. As a passionate Flash- and iOS-guru, his native languages are Action-Script and Objective-C. His favorite job is multitasking. When he speaks, one should listen carefully: His arguments always make a good case.

a.bauer [at]

Andy Chiu – Graphics Tablet

Andy is the cosmopolitan in our team. His roots are 33,3% British, Hongkongese and Bavarian. He always gives a 100% when using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to implement our concepts for apps and websites. Although being an avowed Catholic, he radiates Buddhistic calm and serenity when executing his visual kung fu.

a.chiu [at]

Julian Ellmaier – Network

Julian rocks our hardware and "gets things up and running". "Things" meaning for example showreel-movies, coding, social marketing stuff and advertising copies, while "running" would stand for animated movies, Typo3 and such-gadgets-with-plugs-in-general. As a passionate musician he also enriches our lifes with incredible music, such as Skrillex, August Burns Red and Ferris MC.

j.ellmaier [at]

Michael Golinski – Webcam

A picture paints a thousand words and Michi guards more than ten thousand of them. As a passionate photographer he arranges the content of our projects in words and vision. What if there are no applicable pictures? Then he just makes them. He keeps track of everything and always finds a pragmatic solution. In his spare time he turns his job into a hobby and enthusiastically blogs about Canon-cameras and the world of photography.

m.golinski [at]

Laura Gschösser – Keyboard

There are so many words in this world and Laura actually knows all of them. As our copywriter and SEO-specialist she produces delicious letter-salad. All female, her copies sparkle with emotions and all male, they are stuffed with important details.

l.gschoesser [at]

Dr. Sylvia-Kathrin Tanneberger – Hard Drive

With scientific accuracy Sylvia-Kathrin collects facts and data, organizes and categorizes them and wraps everything in her bulletproof code. She has accumulated an impressive collection of gadgets and platforms for which she develops. Whether it’s Flash/Flex, iOS or Android: No matter what it is, she can always make an object out of it.

s.tanneberger [at]

Fin – Sound Card

Fin is our security guard. At least in case he is NOT sleeping – which he rarely is. His monotonous snoring reminds us that agency life does not need to be hectic, but can also be calm and relaxed.

fin [at]

Neo – Trashcan

The little one either tries to talk Fin into a spectacular race around office, loosing tons of fur in the process, or he shredders the entire content of our trashcans – by far exceeding DIN 32575.

neo [at]